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Our Handmade Cheese


This is a traditional semi hard plain cheese; mild and creamy. beneath the orangey coppery rind is a pale yellow cheese with a supple yet robust consistency. This cheese, with its gentle flavours evocative of an ancient pastureland, is the one upon which the other cheese are based.

Kilcummin with peppercorns

This is a mild and creamy semi hard cheese, with all the characteristics of the Kilcummin, complemented by the whole red organic peppercorns that set off spicy detonations throughout the cheese.

Kilcummin with fenugreekseed

This semi hard cheese is produced with raw milk, in 700g to 1000g reels. The rind which is orange to brown.Pate is yellow with golden little seed in it and lots of little holes in it. Its taste is meaty sweet like the Kilcummin which is followed by a lovely strong walnut flavor.
Origin Co. Kerry, Ireland.


This semi hard cheese, made from raw cows milk, is flavoured with handpicked dilisk and is stronger than the Kilcummin. This dark red seagrass speckles the cheese's pale yellow hue and brings a hint of salt to this harvest of land and sea.

The full product is 700g to 1000g. Its orange brown rind is washed after six months. The pate is yellow with lots of little holes and has dark red seaweed pieces going through the whole cheese.

The taste is meaty-sweet in the beginning and develops into a salty mineral vegetable broth, white wine flavor with a spicy finish.
Origin: County Kerry, Ireland


This is a mature hard cheese produced from raw cows milk. It may be eaten after the fourth month. The size varies from 4000 to 10000g.

When cut, the coppery brown rind reveals a slightly transparent yellow cheese that crumbles easily. This traditional hard cheese can be stored and matured for up to five years. It tastes sweet and nutty with a butter and chicory finish. Origin County Kerry, Ireland

Beenoskee with seaweed

This is a mature hard cheese with similar characteristics to the Beenoskee. A dark red undercurrent of dilisk drifts through the cheese, seasoning it with strong mineral flavours that remain in the mouth long after swallowing.


This freshly made cheese is made with raw cows milk. It has a mild fresh flavour and is served topped with a bay leaf. It comes in 300g rounds.

Origin: County Kerry, Ireland

Cream cheese

Produced from raw cows milk, the cream cheese is a consistent white. With its mild and slightly sweet taste, it is best eaten fresh.
Origin: County Kerry, Ireland.

Dingle Truffle Cheese

This raw cows milk cheese comes in 130g spheres. Flavored with pepper and garlic and coated with cracked pepper or paprika, it is lovely grated over any food. This most lovely cheese can be eaten fresh or mature.
Origin: County Kerry, Ireland

Dingle Goats Cheese

This semi hard cheese, made out of raw goats milk, comes in 250g rounds. The orange rind is washed throughout the one to two months maturation process. The pate is white with plenty of little holes. The taste is sweet  and slightly salty.
Origin: County Kerry, Ireland

You can find plenty of On the Wild Side charcuterie - pork paté, smoked fish, seafood terrines, seven varieties of pickled sea vegetables, salamis, locally harvested shellfish, including Kenmare Bay oysters, Dingle Bay periwinkles and much more.

On the Wild Side charcuterie is also available at the Limerick Milk Market, the Dingle Farmers' Market, the Castlegregory Country Market and the Kenmare Farmers' Market.

We also make our own fresh limited edition butter.

You can find local goods from the following producers at The Little Cheese Shop

Handmade chocolates from Dovina Chocolates

 Fresh bread from local bakery Bácús Bhréanainn

Dingle Farmhouse milk

Yogurt, farmhouse butter and lots more

Other cheese we stock

Here are other cheese we stock. Supply depends on season and availability. If you have any questions, please contact us. The cheese has been divided into types for your reading pleasure.

Cashel Blue

A two month old pasteurized cows milk cheese with a blue mould. Comes in 250g pieces. The pate is very creamy, white to matt yellow and blue horizontal veins going through the cheese. Rather salty taste.
Origin: Co.Tipperary, Ireland.


A two month old raw sheep milk cheese, with a blue mould. Comes in semi circles of 1500g The pate is very white with blue veins and a few holes. Very creamy texture, sweet in taste with a strong animal sensation and a spicy finish.
Origin: France.


A pasteurized cow milk cheese, with blue mould. Comes in a 6000g cone shape. The pate is yellow with lots of blue veins going through a very crumbly yet creamy texture. It tastes sweet salty and slightly spicy.
Origin: England.

Irish Blue

A raw cow milk cheese with a little blue mould. Comes in 7000g reel. The pate very yellow with a few broken holes and vertical blue veins. The texture is crumbly, firm and slightly dry. The taste is buttery sour, a bit salty with a chicory finish.
Origin: Co. Cork, Ireland.

Wicklow Blue

A pasteurized cow milk cheese with blue nuts inside. Comes in 180g reels. The pate is blind (no holes) and yellow in colour with a view blue nuts inside. The texture toffee creamy. Its skin has a white penicillin mould. It tastes salty with a hint of chicory and a buttery sweet finish.
Origin: Co. Wicklow, Ireland.
St. Tola

A pasteurized Goats cheese in 150g reels. Its pate is blind and white in colour. It may be eaten fresh when it is very creamy and sweet with a light animal sensation. When mature it has a firm soapy texture and is saltier and hot in taste.
Origin: Co. Clare, Ireland.

Sunview Goats Cheese

A fresh made, white raw goats cheese in 180g cones. Comes either plain or with a layer of chives and parsley.
Origin: Co. Cork, Ireland.


A pasteurized white goats cheese in 90g reels. May be eaten fresh or mature. We sell it in summer a lot with wild rose pedals and fresh oregano leaves.
Origin: France.


A pasteurized goats cheese rolled in ash. Comes in 250g bell shapes. May be eaten fresh when soft and creamy but firm cheese is slightly sweet with a light goats flavor; or mature the cheese becomes more soapy-creamy in texture. The taste initially is more salty and touches all senses in your mouth with a hot finish.
Origin: France.


A raw goats cheese rolled in ash. Of similar character to its neighbor - the Clochette. The 250g cone shaped Vallencay is creamier.
Origin: France.

St. Maure

A raw goats cheese rolled in ash with rye straw in the center. The 250g logs are best eaten from the eighth week. Lovely firm soapy texture. Full in flavor like bitter chocolate with a chili finish.
Origin: France.


A pasteurized goats cheese in 2500g cylinder. The skin is light brown with a waxy appearance. The pate is white with lots of little holes. It tastes very mild even when aged. Creamy firm texture.
Origin: Spain

Brie de Marquis

A pasteurized sheep milk cheese rolled in rosemary with a chili on top. The 400g squares are white, very mild and dominated by the rosemary
Origin: Corsica.


A unpasteurized cow milk cheese. The 1000g reels have a skin of white penicillin mould. The pate is creamy light yellow. The taste is mild buttery, and chicory
Origin: Co.Tipperary,Ireland.


A pasteurized goats milk cheese in 250g reels. The skin is a white penicillin mould. The pate is creamy white. The taste is sweet and rather mild.
Origin: Co.Tipperary

Irish Goats log

As the Gortnamona in a 1000g log.

Hard and semi hard Cow

Tomme de Savoie

A pasteurized cow milk cheese in 2500g reels.The thick mouldy rind has all shades of gray. The pate is dark yellow with lots of broken holes. Texture semi-hard to soft very creamy. Taste is buttery, sweet, meaty with vegetable broth finish.
Origin: France.

St. Bridget

A raw cow milk cheese 4000g brick shaped cheese. The washed rind is white-orange. The pate is yellow with lots of little, broken, shiny holes. The texture is semi hard creamy. The taste is buttery, cabbagy, of vegetable broth, sweet-nutty with a light hot finish.
Origin: Co. Cork, Ireland.

St. Bridget comes in two additional varieties - chives and Greek style herbs

Gubbeen (Oak smoked)

A pastuerized cow milk cheese in 300g reels with a black waxed rind. Its pate is yellow in colour with lots of little holes. It tastes sweet, mild and smoky.
Origin: Co. Cork, Ireland.


A raw cow milk cheese in 7000g reels. The rind is wax and green. The pate is yellow with lots of 1 to 2 cm shine holes. The texture creamy to rubbery.Taste is sweet nutty with a buttery flavour.
Origin: Co. Cork, Ireland.


A raw cow milk cheese in 30g reels. Its rind washed light brown. Its pate is blind with 2 to 3cm holes. Its texture is extremely creamy but firm. Yellow in colour. Its taste is meaty, sweet and nutty.
Origin: France.


A pasteurized cow milk cheese with 5000 to 10000g reel. Its rind is yellow wax with a blind pate 2 to 3cm round holes. Its texture is dry crumbly. Color golden yellow. Its taste is sweet spicy strong like marmite.
Origin: Co.Cork, Ireland.

Killorglin Cheese 

A pasteurized cow milk cheese in 5000 to 10000g reels. Its rind is of yellow orange wax. The blind pate has 3 to 5 holes sometimes more. Its texture is firm and hard.Colour dark yellow. It taste full in flavour with lots of vegetable stock, celeriac, butter and salt.
Origin Co.Kerry, Ireland.

Killorglin comes in two additional varieties: garlic or cumin 

Mount Callan

A raw cow milk cheese in 10000 to 15000g cylinders which are wrapped and matured in cheese cloth. Best eaten from 12 months. When opened it is covered in cheese mites which give the cheese a wonderful unique flavour. Its taste is rather strong: meaty, buttery, of vegetable broth and mushrooms.
Origin: Co. Clare, Ireland.

Coolattin Cheddar

A raw cow milk cheese in 7000 to 10000g reels. The rind is red rubber. Best eaten from the twelfth month. The pate is full of broken holes. Its texture is creamy but crumbly. Yellow in colour. It tastes of strong pineapple with a meaty and spicy finish. 
Origin: Co.Carlow, Ireland.


A raw sheep milk cheese in 2000g reels and a washed and yellow rind. The pate is pale yellow with few holes. The texture is firm and a little dry. Tastes rather mild even aged. A very easy going cheese.
Origin: Co. Offaly, Ireland.

Millhouse cheese comes in three additional varieties: garlic, fennel seed and cumin.


A pasteurized sheep milk cheese in 3000g reel. The skin is dark brown wax. The pate is light yellow with lots of little holes. The taste is rather salty, a light animal sensation with a slightly hot finish.
Origin: Spain.


A pasteurized sheep milk cheese in 3000g reel. The skin is rind washed and of orange colour. The pate is white, dry and crumbly with a few cracks. The taste is quite strong under the skin and moves into a sweet nutty taste with a pleasant animal sensation.
Origin: Co. Waterford, Ireland.